What’s the first image that comes to mind when you picture a lawyer? Is it an advertisement on a bus bench? A cheesy billboard urging you to pursue legal action regarding a personal injury? If so, we don’t blame you.
It was precisely ​these stereotypes ​ Toronto-based law firm, Sack (Q.C.) and Bogle Law asked us to fight back against when they approached us to devise a rebranding campaign for their law firm in 2019.

So, how did we do it?

We placed a spotlight on the firm’s professionalism — and then we doubled down. We designed an elegant logo, perfect for the doors of a modern law office, and then we reverse engineered an entire aesthetic to match: professional-grade headshots, a gorgeous new colour scheme, and an effortlessly responsive website to boot.

Rich in technical content, our expert copywriters were able to simplify complex legal jargon into digestible language, making the website easy-to-navigate for the firm’s diverse client-base.. Even more impressively, they did all of this with an eye towards SEO, bolstering the firm’s  organic search rankings, and giving it an important edge in a competitive regional market.


We are a conglomerate of brand architects that don’t just make noise. We make impact.