Havana Nights

Havana Nights

They’ve yet to start teaching this in business school, but FOMO is among the most powerful tools marketers have at our disposal today. If we can create collaterals that make people feel like they missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, they’ll go out of their way to ​make sure this never happens again.

This is the feeling we were asked to cultivate when we were approached to create a promotional video for a weekly, Latin-themed party in Toronto called “Havana Nights.”
Wishing to avoid recreating the washed out aesthetic of ​Scarface ​ , we put our heads together to come up with three guiding words: “sexy,” “Cuba,” and “Miami.”

The resulting video speaks for itself. Not only does it make you want to attend the next Havana Nights, it’ll make you question what supposedly “important” priorities prevented you from attending the event in the past.

And not to worry if the video is a little too racy for the office — you can sneak away and watch it on your phone. The vibrant colours and gorgeous resolution look great on any device.


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