Monakko Developments

Monakko Developments

There’s a commonly held piece of wisdom that states that you should never get your hair cut by a person whose own hair is a mess. So, imagine how hesitant you’d be to sink millions of dollars into a designer home built by a firm that can’t even design a cool logo.

Knowing it operates in a space where ​design means everything ​ , Monakko Developments — a luxury real-estate developer based in Toronto — decided not to take any chances . Wishing to craft an online appeal that mimics the high-end real-estate it markets, Monakko Developments put their faith in Wooden Panda’s creative expertise. They gave us a few guidelines about the look and feel they were trying to capture, but then let us run with the ball.

In no time at all, our creative wizards had whipped up a slate of preliminary logos and colour palettes to present to their team. “This feels like when we give our clients paint swatches to choose from!” they commented.

Precisely. At Wooden Panda, we specialize in building brands the way Monakko Developers builds homes.


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