The Democratization of Design

It all started with the rise of Adobe. Then came easy-to-use platforms like MailChimp. Today, anyone who has ever haphazardly created an invitation for a birthday party on Canva can justifiably claim to have “worked in design.”

As a creative marketing agency that specializes in design, you might think we’d feel threatened by this democratization. Let me tell you why we celebrate it instead.

Design Is More Than Technical Know-how

Virtually anyone can sit through a YouTube tutorial on how to use Photoshop. They may even get pretty good at navigating the software’s intricacies. But, sadly, there’s no YouTube tutorial for intuition. Determining which ad layout will drive results and which will merely display content is a knack honed through experience. Knowing how to craft taglines that stick versus those that get filtered as background noise is a skill that can’t be taught. When you see amateur design that falls into these latter categories, it further emphasizes the intangible expertise we bring to the table.

Competition Makes Us Better

We know your in-house resource can do a passable job, so we make it our mission to go above and beyond. An acceptable design is just that: acceptable. The colours don’t violently clash and the typography is legible. But shouldn’t we aspire to a higher bar than “not overtly bad?” Our clients know it takes exceptional design to truly move the needle. They know we strive to be the best designers in Canada.

We are a conglomerate of brand architects that don’t just make noise. We make impact.